Settling down

Hello from FUN! Somebody told me the other day, “FUN, at some point you have to settle down and put away childish things.” If you know me at all, you know that I don’t believe in such rubbish. So I wanted to dissect this statement.

First, there is the notion that having fun is only for children. I think on some level most of you would agree with me that just isn’t true. Half the people I know are sending me requests for some game they are playing. These people come from all walks of life. It seems we are all seeking a little fun. You could argue whether playing a video game on your phone is fun, but to each their own. The fact is, we are made to feel that we have to give up fun in the pursuit of maturity. Adulthood is coming whether or not it is invited. To age is inevitable, and we all gain new priorities as we go through life. But why do you have to give up fun, when it is clear we all long for a little fun in our lives? This is not a childish thing. We do not grow out of it.

Second, why do we have to settle for anything? Settling just ages us quicker. Settling for the wrong job, relationship, etc is just a road to misery, and misery doesn’t work for me. Misery may like company, but it’s not the kind of company you want to keep. If you settle for anything, you are just more likely to never find the thing you want. Yes, you may need to take that job that isn’t ideal, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. I like to live life in a transient environment, where all decisions are subject to change at my discretion. I get to choose how committed I am to the decisions I make. Settling has such a permanence to it. To grant a permanent status to something that you don’t desire closes your eyes when that thing comes around. You can never find your true happiness with your eyes closed.


Take it from FUN.