Fun at the doctor

I always tell my friends not to stress about things out of their control and to make a little fun out of stressful situations. I went to the doctor today because I had a little bump on my wrist. It wasn’t anything serious,  but I had to get some x-rays. Who knew the doctor’s office could be so fun?

I’m pretty sure I simultaneously infuriated and delighted the x-ray tech. She kept asking me to put my hand in weird positions so she could get a proper x-ray.  After a couple x-rays, it occurred to me to start making hand puppets. How has nobody ever thought of this before? She would go off into the side room to run the x-ray machine, and then come back with an image of some animal. It was hilarious. I made a bunny, a wolf, a goat, and a bear. She tried for ten minutes to get me to do a proper x-ray. She finally gave up and just reviewed the x-rays she had (there were quite a few to choose from). Turned out to just be a little bone spur.

I had a blast. I’m pretty sure she wanted to kill me, but I heard her and several other doctors laughing hysterically down the hall. I got a bill for $5000, but it was so worth it. Maybe I'll frame and submit them to the Guggenheim.

Any situation can be an opportunity to have a little fun. You just have to keep fun on the brain. Fun is a commitment. It keeps your soul young.


Take it from FUN!