Getting out of a rut

Hello from FUN!

One of my personal mantras is to always try new things. I look around and see my friends trapped in a rut, thinking they have no way out. I’m here to tell you the way out of the rut is to open yourself to a world of new possibilities. Stop ordering the same thing off the menu every time you go out. Change your route to the office. Go somewhere different than you normally would. Let somebody else make a decision as to what to do.

I did this and I found my favorite hangout, Top Golf. I’m not really a golfer, but my friend Chip wanted to try it out. Turns out, Top Golf was a social event. We had a group of six people hanging out for dinner, drinks, and games. Most importantly, we laughed and had fun! And I’m all about having fun. The point is I probably wouldn’t have tried it, but because I was open to new things, I found my place.

Keep your mind open to new possibilities, and you will never find yourself stuck in a rut.


Take it from FUN!