Fun at the doctor

I always tell my friends not to stress about things out of their control and to make a little fun out of stressful situations. I went to the doctor today because I had a little bump on my wrist. It wasn’t anything serious,  but I had to get some x-rays. Who knew the doctor’s office could be so fun?

I’m pretty sure I simultaneously infuriated and delighted the x-ray tech. She kept asking me to put my hand in weird positions so she could get a proper x-ray.  After a couple x-rays, it occurred to me to start making hand puppets. How has nobody ever thought of this before? She would go off into the side room to run the x-ray machine, and then come back with an image of some animal. It was hilarious. I made a bunny, a wolf, a goat, and a bear. She tried for ten minutes to get me to do a proper x-ray. She finally gave up and just reviewed the x-rays she had (there were quite a few to choose from). Turned out to just be a little bone spur.

I had a blast. I’m pretty sure she wanted to kill me, but I heard her and several other doctors laughing hysterically down the hall. I got a bill for $5000, but it was so worth it. Maybe I'll frame and submit them to the Guggenheim.

Any situation can be an opportunity to have a little fun. You just have to keep fun on the brain. Fun is a commitment. It keeps your soul young.


Take it from FUN!


Fun at work

My friend Patty told me the other day that they were having a mandatory fun day at work, and that it was going to be anything but fun. I never heard of such a thing before. Maybe it’s because I have fun no matter where I am.

I can’t escape the notion of being required to have fun. First, I found it surprising that somebody would get upset because their bosses wanted them to enjoy themselves and get to know their coworkers better. That’s what I strive for every day. I always find time to laugh with my buddies at some point in the day. I couldn’t make it through the workday otherwise.

I also find it intriguing that a person would continue in a job that is so boring or so restrictive that management actually has to mandate its employees to enjoy themselves from time to time. I have never had a job where I didn’t find a way to have fun occasionally.

So here are my ideas on how to have a little fun at work

  1. Get to know your neighbors. Be open. Introduce yourself.

  2. Find one friend who shares your values and another who is a little goofy.

  3. Do at least one thing every day that makes you laugh.

  4. Always take a lunch break and get away from work.

  5. If none of these things works, find a new job.

Take it from FUN!

Getting out of a rut

Hello from FUN!

One of my personal mantras is to always try new things. I look around and see my friends trapped in a rut, thinking they have no way out. I’m here to tell you the way out of the rut is to open yourself to a world of new possibilities. Stop ordering the same thing off the menu every time you go out. Change your route to the office. Go somewhere different than you normally would. Let somebody else make a decision as to what to do.

I did this and I found my favorite hangout, Top Golf. I’m not really a golfer, but my friend Chip wanted to try it out. Turns out, Top Golf was a social event. We had a group of six people hanging out for dinner, drinks, and games. Most importantly, we laughed and had fun! And I’m all about having fun. The point is I probably wouldn’t have tried it, but because I was open to new things, I found my place.

Keep your mind open to new possibilities, and you will never find yourself stuck in a rut.


Take it from FUN!

Settling down

Hello from FUN! Somebody told me the other day, “FUN, at some point you have to settle down and put away childish things.” If you know me at all, you know that I don’t believe in such rubbish. So I wanted to dissect this statement.

First, there is the notion that having fun is only for children. I think on some level most of you would agree with me that just isn’t true. Half the people I know are sending me requests for some game they are playing. These people come from all walks of life. It seems we are all seeking a little fun. You could argue whether playing a video game on your phone is fun, but to each their own. The fact is, we are made to feel that we have to give up fun in the pursuit of maturity. Adulthood is coming whether or not it is invited. To age is inevitable, and we all gain new priorities as we go through life. But why do you have to give up fun, when it is clear we all long for a little fun in our lives? This is not a childish thing. We do not grow out of it.

Second, why do we have to settle for anything? Settling just ages us quicker. Settling for the wrong job, relationship, etc is just a road to misery, and misery doesn’t work for me. Misery may like company, but it’s not the kind of company you want to keep. If you settle for anything, you are just more likely to never find the thing you want. Yes, you may need to take that job that isn’t ideal, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. I like to live life in a transient environment, where all decisions are subject to change at my discretion. I get to choose how committed I am to the decisions I make. Settling has such a permanence to it. To grant a permanent status to something that you don’t desire closes your eyes when that thing comes around. You can never find your true happiness with your eyes closed.


Take it from FUN.


Welcome to the Fun Blog

Hello. I’m FUN. This isn’t a matter of opinion, not is it me being arrogant. My name is FUN. I gave myself that name a few years ago. Seriously, who would name their child FUN? Parents typically want their children to have anything but fun, am I right?

You’re probably wondering why I changed my name to FUN. I felt that my birth name didn’t portray my true personality, so I changed it. If Hollywood actors and musicians can do it, why not me? My friends always told me that I was the most fun person that they knew.

I do have a serious side, but I choose to enjoy life on my own terms. It’s not that I don’t believe in rules. Some rules are there to protect us. But society dictates so many rules that I find myself questioning what they’re for. If I don’t find any intrinsic value in a rule, I seriously consider whether or not I choose to let it dictate my decisions and beliefs.

Today, we spend so much time working to build wealth, we don’t notice that we are missing the point in life until it’s too late. We give our best years to others, when we ought to be enjoying life. Then, we get older and have an epiphany (some might call it a midlife crisis) and try to recapture those wasted years. I have witnessed this personally. I vowed never to let this happen to me.

I’m starting this blog because I want to help others find fun in their lives. Of course we all have differing responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a little fun. We just need to commit to it because life is happier when you have a little joy.


Take it from FUN.